Requesting a Waiver for the Orientation Seminar

  1. Send a request to the Language Services Section, including proofs of having completed whatever training you believe may be equivalent to the seminar.
  2. Review by the Language Services Section (LSS). The LSS will carefully review the request and notify the interpreter of its conclusions. If the request is denied, the interpreter will have to complete the Orientation Seminar in New Jersey.
  3. Completing waiver requirements. The LSS will notify the interpreter that the request for a waiver has been approved and send the interpreter the following documents:
    • New Jersey's Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters, Transliterators, and Translators;
    • Selected materials distributed at the seminar; and
    • A blank affidavit.

Once the interpreter has thoroughly read the pertinent documents, the affidavit must be signed, dated, and mailed to the LSS.