Supreme Court Final Oral Argument Schedule for Sept. 9, 2014

The following is the Supreme Court's schedule for oral arguments on Sept. 9, 2014. The issues before the Supreme Court are outlined in the Appellate Division opinion in each case. If you are planning to view the Webcast of Supreme Court arguments, you may want to review the opinion under appeal in order to have a better understanding of the issues before the Court. The opinions are in Adobe Acrobat Pdf format.
To view the argument schedule and corresponding opinions for the Sept. 8, 2014 Webcast, click here.

Please note that some of the Appellate Division opinions listed below have not been approved for publication, and that pursuant to New Jersey Court Rule 1:36, no unpublished opinion shall constitute precedent or be binding on any court.

(The following statements of issues on appeal are prepared by the Office of the Clerk for the convenience of the reader. They have been neither reviewed nor approved by the Supreme Court. Please note that, in the interest of brevity not all issues may have been summarized).

10 a.m.

A-48-12 Augustine W. Badiali v. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group (071931)
Under the circumstances presented, was the defendant insurer's rejection of an arbitration award on an uninsured motorist (UM) claim "fairly debatable," thereby barring the plaintiff insured from recovering counsel fees and other consequential damages?

A-54-12 Kwabena Wadeer v. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. (072010)
Is plaintiff’s claim alleging his insurer acted in bad faith by failing to settle his uninsured motorist claim barred because he did not raise the bad faith claim in his earlier uninsured motorist action?

1 p.m.

A-24-13 N.J. Div. of Youth & Family Servs. v. Y.N. (072804)
Can a pregnant woman’s use of methadone pursuant to a drug addiction treatment program that caused harm to her newborn child be the basis for a finding of abuse and neglect?

2 p.m.

D-120-13 In the matter of Bennett E. Langman (074389)

D-126-13 In the matter of Scott P. Sigman (074489)
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