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Judiciary Records Management Services

Mary Patterson, Assistant Chief

The Clerk of the Superior Court is responsible for statewide oversight of records management for the Judiciary. Records management involves the maintenance, use, storage, retention, and destruction of Judiciary records.  These records include those from the Supreme Court, Superior Court (Appellate, Law, and Chancery Divisions), Tax Court, the Municipal Courts and other Judiciary divisions and offices at both the vicinage and central office.

The preservation of court records is important to both the litigants in a court proceeding and to the public in general.  The basic principal of the court system is that, in the interest of having an open and transparent court system, all case-related records are open to the public unless there is a specific statute or court rule that exempts the record from public access.  Consistent with the Judiciary’s open records policy, the Records Management Services unit of the Superior Court Clerk’s Office works to ensure that court records are properly stored and managed so that they are available at the public’s request.

Records management is governed by Administrative Directive #03-01 Judiciary Records Management.  The Directive sets policy for the length of time that records must be kept and provides direction for the destruction of court records and preservation of court records through microfilming. This Directive was approved by the Supreme Court at its January 16, 2001 Administrative Conference.

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