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Electronic Access Program

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2B:1-4, the Administrative Office of the Courts is authorized to develop and operate an automated data processing system that allows the public to access court information.  Information is provided in accordance with guidelines adopted by the Supreme Court and authorizes the Supreme Court to set fees for remote access.  The current fee for remote access is $1.00 per minute.

The Electronic Access Program (“EAP”) makes available case and judgment information on the following court information systems.

  • Appellate Public Access is the inquiry component of the caseload management and recordkeeping system for the Superior Court Appellate Division.  The system allows users to inquire on decided Appellate cases and cases currently pending in the Appellate Court.
  • Automated Case Management System (ACMS) is the caseload management and recordkeeping system for the Superior Court:  Law Division – Civil and Special Civil Parts; Chancery Division – General Equity and Foreclosure; and the Archival Management Information System (AMIS) for cases no longer active with ACMS.
  • Civil Judgment and Order Docket contains statewide lien judgments from 1984 to the present.
  • Family Automated Case Tracking System (FACTS) is the caseload management and recordkeeping system to support the Superior Court Family Part. It includes the following case types:  Juvenile/Family Crisis, Adoptions, Child Placement, Non-Dissolution, Guardianship, Juvenile Delinquency, Dissolution, Abuse and Neglect, Domestic Violence.  Only dissolution (divorce) case information is offered for electronic access at this time.
  • Automated Traffic System (ATS) is the statewide computer system used by all New Jersey municipal courts. It serves as the repository of all traffic and parking tickets issued and filed in the state’s municipal courts.  It is not the repository of driver history information.

The EAP permits the subscriber to read data one screen at a time.  There is currently no provision to facilitate downloading of data to a remote subscriber’s computer and ‘screen-scraping’ is not supported.  Subscribers can look up information by docket number, judgment number or party name.  Case information available includes a list of documents filed, orders entered, proceedings scheduled, motion dispositions, list of litigants and their status (e.g., active, defaulted, settled), and associated attorneys.  Actual text or images of filed documents is not available.  The information is ‘real-time’.  When a new case or document is entered by court personnel, the information is immediately available to the public for inquiry.

Access to the system is obtained by calling a toll-free telephone number associated with the Judiciary computer and entering a Remote-ID number.  The Judiciary security system verifies the Remote-ID number entered and confirms the connection.  Once the connection is established, access to the system is accomplished through the subscriber’s web browser. The subscriber is required to pre-register the telephone number their computer will use to dial in to the Judiciary system.  (Note: The Judiciary is working on replacing the existing dial-up access with access via the internet.) If you are interested in participating in the Electronic Access Program, please follow the links below for enrollment information.

To update current subscriber information or to cancel customer access or user ID(s) please fill out the necessary form below and submit to: SCCOEAP.Mailbox@njcourts.gov

Please be advised, once you have enrolled in the program, it is required that any changes to your enrollment information, such as address, phone numbers, contact information, must be updated on the Customer Update Form and sent via email to: SCCOEAP.Mailbox@njcourts.gov

To view the reference guides for case and judgment information that is available on the court information systems, select the links below.

The Clerk’s office provides general support for the Judiciary’s EAP.  All incoming enrollment forms from new subscribers are processed and user problems are handled in conjunction with the Judiciary’s Information Technology Office.

Questions or concerns regarding enrollment, billing or problems experienced during use should be brought to the attention of the Electronic Access Program, Superior Court Clerk’s Office at (609) 421-6100 or via email at SCCOEAP.Mailbox@njcourts.gov

Forward completed enrollment forms to:  Electronic Access Program, Superior Court Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 971, Trenton, NJ  08625. Once enrollment is completed, the subscriber will receive the system Logon ID and password via email.

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