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A record is made of all court proceedings.  They are either electronically recorded using audio or audio/video recording equipment or a verbatim stenographic record is produced by an Official Court Reporter.  Attorneys and litigants frequently require access to these records to review decisions, prepare for court appearances, draft motions or file appeals.

Copies of electronically recorded proceedings are available in two forms, written transcripts or duplicate recordings.  Records of court reported proceedings are only available in transcript form.  Although duplicate recordings may be useful in case preparation, they cannot be used in a courtroom.  For appeals, an original and two copies of an official transcript are required.

Accurate case information is essential in locating the requested record.  Before placing an order for a transcript or duplicate recording, you will need the following information:  Date of proceeding; docket, indictment or case number; case caption (i.e. Smith v Jones); type of proceeding (trial, motion, etc.); and the name of the judge or hearing officer.  For assistance in obtaining the required information, contact the division (Criminal, Civil, Family) that heard the case.  Inaccurate or incomplete information could result in significant delays.  Complete ordering instructions are on the attached forms.

For electronically recorded proceedings, duplicates and transcripts are available through the Transcript Unit in the county where the case was heard.  Transcripts for court reported matters must be ordered from the court reporter that produced the original stenographic record.


For court reported matters, contact the Supervisor of Court Reporters at 908-231-7197.

For electronically recorded matters, complete the attached Court Transcript Request Form and send it to the Transcript Unit along with the required deposit.  Make the deposit check payable to the certified transcriber identified by the Transcript Unit.  The Completed form may be e mailed or faxed; final processing cannot be completed, however, until the deposit is received.

Transcript form

The transcript fees are set by New Jersey statute 2B:7-4.  The current rates are:

  • Standard delivery (30 Days):  $4.29 per page for the original and $0.72 per page for copies
  • Expedited delivery (7 days): $6.44 per page for the original and $1.08 per page for copies.
  • Daily (1 day): $8.58 per page for the original and $1.44 per page for copies.

Transcript length is approximately one page for each minute.  Deposits are normally $250 for matters lasting less than two hours, $500 for longer matters and $500 for each additional day.  Final arrangements are made directly with the assigned transcriber.

Duplicate Audio or Video Recordings:

Complete the attached Duplicate Audio/Video Recording Request Form and send it to the Central Fee Office (CFO) along with a $10.00 deposit.  Make the deposit check payable to Treasurer, State of New Jersey.  Duplicate recordings are $10 for each CD, Video Tape or Audio Cassette.  They are normally recorded in the same format as the original record.  In certain cases, the judge may place restrictions on the release of the recording.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

Duplicate recording form

Contact Information

Somerset County Courthouse

Phone: 908-231-7191

Transcript Unit

Phone: 908-203-6149

Fax: 908-253-8590

Somerset County Courthouse
Attn: Transcript Coordinator
Operations Div. 2nd Floor
20 North Bridge Street
Somerville, NJ 08876

Court Reporters

Phone: 908-231-7197

Fax: 908-253-3274

Somerset County Courthouse
Supervisor of Court Reporters
5th Floor
20 North Bridge Street
Somerville, NJ 08876

Central Fee Office

Somerset County Courthouse
Central Fee Office (CFO)
20 North Bridge Street
1st Floor
P.O. Box 8639

Somerville, NJ 08876
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