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The Probation Division is the post-dispositional enforcement arm of the Superior Court.  It is responsible for the following functions:

  • Adult Supervision (handling cases from the Criminal and Family Divisions)
  • Juvenile Supervision (handling cases from the Family Division)
  • Comprehensive Enforcement Program (handling referrals from Adult and Juvenile Supervision)
  • Support Enforcement Program (handling cases from the Family Division)
  • Intensive Supervision Program (handling cases from the Criminal Division, where responsibility has been transferred back to the courts from the Commissioner of Corrections)
  • Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (handling cases from the Family Division, where responsibility has been transferred back to the courts from the Commissioner of Corrections)

The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) and Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JISP) are handled by district offices.  The other functions are handled by a Probation Division in each county, with the hearing officers for Comprehensive Enforcement being assigned from Trenton.

The AOC's offices for the Probation Division are located at 171 Jersey Street, Buildings 6 and 7, in Trenton.

Adult Supervision and Juvenile Supervision

Probation is a sentencing alternative that provides selected offenders the opportunity to serve a criminal sentence in the community under the supervision of a probation officer.  A sentence of probation may require an offender to pay fines or restitution or to seek counseling for substance abuse or for entail health or family problems.  Probation officers also arrange for and monitor community service work that is often required of offenders.  Probation officers collect from offenders more than $20 million in court imposed fines a year.

Comprehensive Enforcement Program

Based upon the success of the Child Support Hearing Officer Program (formerly part of the Probation Division but transferred to the Family Division), the Comprehensive Enforcement Program utilizes hearing officers to enhance collections of fines and restitution's.  This is especially useful in cases where the probationer is compliant with other conditions of probation, making a formal motion for violation of probation seem excessively harsh.  In addition, it increases collections and compliance while reducing demand on the time of judges and the prosecutor.  Coordinators in each vicinage select and prepare cases for presentation to hearing officers assigned to hear cases locally.  The hearing officers are headquartered in the Trenton offices of the Probation Division.

ISP and JSIP Under ISP, offenders who are sentenced to state prison may apply to a panel of judges for release into this special monitoring and supervision program.  To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate the willingness and ability to adhere to the program's strict guidelines.

Support Enforcement

Support Enforcement enforces orders for child support and spousal support, monitoring payments made and automatically initiating enforcement actions when appropriate.

Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren Probation

The vicinage probation is structured in functional units headed by a supervisor(s).  Those units are:  Administration, Adult Supervision, Juvenile Supervision, Intake and Community Service, and Child Support Enforcement.  While each unit functions independently, we all share the common function of enforcing the court's orders.

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