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Facilities Management

Repairs, maintenance, renovations, and new constructions require the constant participation of the General Operations Division in the planning, organization, and implementation stages of these projects.  Planning requires an interface with County Administration to ensure that the objectives of the judiciary are met.  General Operations Division administers telephones; mail; and office services.

Jury Management

The Jury Management Office is responsible for the summoning, qualifying, orientation, and payment of individuals serving on Petite and Grand Juries.  The Jury Management Office is also responsible for overseeing the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury consists of 23 jurors who decide if defendants charged with indictable offenses will be held for trial based upon the evidence presented by the Prosecutors' Office.  If the defendant is not indicted, the charges may be dismissed or downgraded and sent to Municipal Court.

Law Library

There is a Law Library in Somerset County and Hunterdon County that have a complete collection of New Jersey and Federal Statutes and reported cases, as well as, materials from other states and selected reference material.  The library is open for use by the general public.  A variety of informational materials and pro-se packets are available to the public.

Court/Community Relations

The General Operations Division acts as liaison to the local Bar Association fostering good relations and communications regarding new programs; judicial assignments, etc. to ensure the effective administration of justice in the vicinage.

Court Security

Security issues are an ever increasing concern in today's working environment.  Given the nature of its work, the courts must make every effort to protect the safety and well being of every person entering our facilities.

As liaison to the county Sheriff's Department, the General Operations Division ensures that security needs and concerns of the judiciary are addressed.  The division, in collaboration with the Sheriff's department, ensures the safety and well being of employees and visitors to the court house by implementing emergency procedures.

The Assistant Trial Court Administrator serves as the Workplace Violence Coordinator and handles all complaints relating to violence in the work place.

Court Interpreting

In order to ensure access to the courts by linguistic minorities, the General Operations Division ensures that qualified interpreters are provided for all court proceedings and ensures professionalism in providing these services.

American with Disabilities Act

The division is responsible for ensuring compliance with Title II of the Act relating to access to judiciary programs and services vicinage-wide.

Records Management

The General Operations Division develops and coordinates a plan to ensure that all divisions within the vicinage adhere to the records retention schedule in effect.  Long term archival storage is coordinated and in collaboration with the clerk of the superior court record transfers are effected.


The General Operations Division processes  superior court and grand jury transcripts requests and video tape and audio tape duplication.

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