RULE 1:25. Committee On Character

The Supreme Court shall appoint a committee on character comprised of such number of attorneys as it may determine. It shall be the duty of the committee on character to determine the fitness to practice law of each candidate for admission to the bar of the State of New Jersey on the basis of and by reviewing the personal record and reputation of each candidate and, following such review, to certify as to such fitness to the Supreme Court or withhold such certification. Subject to the approval of the Supreme Court, the committee shall prescribe such rules governing its procedures as may be deemed necessary and desirable.

Note: Source-R.R. 1:20-6. R. 1:25-1, 1:25-2, 1:25-3 and 1:25-4 deleted and R. 1:25 adopted July 7, 1971 to be effective September 13, 1971. R. 1:25 amended April 2, 1973 to be effective immediately; caption and text amended November 7, 1988 to be effective January 2, 1989.
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