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For immediate release: July 12, 2011
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Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Administrative Director of the Courts Issues New Directive on Public Access to Court Records

Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, today issued a new administrative directive regarding public access to court records.

Directive #03-11 provides guidance to the public on how to request copies of court or administrative records and informs court staff on how to respond to record requests in accordance with Court Rule 1:38, “Public Access to Court Records and Administrative Records.”

The court rule was amended in 2009 to clarify which court records should be available to the public. There have been some additional amendments to the rule since its 2009 adoption. Those amendments are reflected in the new directive.

The new directive lays out specific information, including phone numbers and addresses, of offices where the public will be able to receive assistance to access court records. It covers topics such as which records are available on public access terminals in courthouses around the state, how to obtain remote access to electronic databases maintained by the Judiciary, how to request reports generated from Judiciary databases, and copy fees for various types of records.

The directive is available at judiciary.state.nj.us. Click on “General Information,” then “Access to Court Records.”



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