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For immediate release: August 27, 2013
For further information contact:
Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Announces Deadlines for Claims

Daniel R. Hendi, director of the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, has announced that any person who intends to file a claim with the fund against any of the attorneys listed below must file prior to the deadlines listed. 

The fund’s purpose is to pay on behalf of the honest majority of lawyers for the wrongdoing of a few.

For a claim to be compensable, the attorney against whom it is filed must have been a member of the bar, acting as either attorney or fiduciary, at the time of the incident; and unless deceased, must have been disbarred, suspended or placed on disability inactive status from the bar, or convicted of embezzlement or other misappropriation of property.  The attorney’s conduct giving rise to the claim must have been dishonest rather than negligent.

The issuance of the Supreme Court’s determination to suspend or disbar an attorney activates the fund’s jurisdiction to receive claims against that attorney.  There is a one-year deadline after the discipline is issued to the attorney for clients to file claims.  The client’s claim does not need to be included in the ethics determination to be compensable.  Discipline of the attorney does not guarantee compensability for any specific claim.  Attorneys can be disciplined for conduct other than misappropriation.

An individual client can receive up to $400,000 for claims arising after Jan.1, 2007, lesser amounts for claims arising prior to that date.  The fund can provide up to $1.5 million in claims against a lawyer.

To receive a claim form, write to the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, P.O. Box 961, Trenton, NJ 08625-0961, or call 609-292-8008.  The form must be completed, notarized and returned with copies of any proof of the transaction.  There is no filing fee. Claimants assisted in their claims by practicing attorneys receive their representation free of charge. 



Any person having a claim that has not been filed involving the following attorneys must file a claim with the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection prior to the deadline dates indicated below:

NAME                                              COUNTY OF  PRACTICE            DEADLINE
Bernot, Robert J.                                 Hunterdon                               May 3, 2014
Casale, Michael A.                              Essex                                       May 17, 2014
Diaz, Andres J.                                   Essex                                       April 1, 2014
Engelhart, Edward G.                         Essex                                       May 22, 2014
Felsen, Stuart David                           Morris                                      July 5, 2014
Frey, Thomas Gerard                          Middlesex                               June 11, 2014
Gottesman, Lee D.                              Ocean                                       May 13, 2014
Hairston, Maeble Lois                         Monmouth                              May 7, 2014
Harris, Jacqueline Rochelle                 Essex                                       May 3, 2014
Kenneally, Lynn Anne                        Monmouth                              April 1, 2014
Khoudary, Nicholas                            Middlesex                               July 5, 2014
Klamo, John Andrew                          Camden                                   May 27, 2014
Leotti, Darren P.                                 Hunterdon                               April 16, 2014
Li, Feng                                               Morris                                      May 22,2014
Obi, Francis O.                                    Essex                                       June 5, 2014
Palitto, John J. Jr.                                Camden                                   June 5,2014
Percy, Kirill                                         Out of State                            April 10, 2014
Saidel, Scott F.                                   Out of State                            April 25, 2014
Savage, Steven E.                               Essex                                       April 16, 2014
Sommer, Goldie C.                             Essex                                       May 22, 2014
Tarter, Mitchel                                    Middlesex                               May 1, 2014
Tonogbanua, Arobert Chua                Out of State                            April 16, 2014


Daniel R. Hendi, Director
New Jersey Lawyers’
Fund for Client Protection
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
P.O. Box 961
Trenton, NJ 08625-0961




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