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For immediate release: September 26, 2012
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Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Supreme Court Webcasts Now Available “On the Go”

Attorneys, students, reporters and members of the public can now view archived webcasts of oral arguments before the Supreme Court in an MP4 format, Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, announced today. The archives can be viewed at judiciary.state.nj.us.

The new format increases access for attorneys, reporters, students and general viewers who rely on their portable devices to watch video.

Prior to today’s announcement, archived Supreme Court arguments could only be viewed using Windows Media Player. The alternative MP4 format is not tied to one media player and can be viewed using any device. This is a convenient option for viewers to watch arguments on notepads or smart phones, which generally do not have Windows Media Player installed.

“The development of this additional Internet tool is part of the Judiciary's effort to promote greater understanding of the operation of the courts through technology,” said Judge Grant. “Our goal is to provide greater access and understanding of how the court operates through mediums the public utilizes in their daily lives. Allowing today's busy students, professionals and the members of the public to download these webcasts on any PDA promotes a better understanding of the courts.” 

Supreme Court oral arguments can be viewed live at judiciary.state.nj.us. Archived arguments are available three or four days after the live arguments take place.

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