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For immediate release: May 7, 2012
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New Jersey Judiciary Recognizes Jurors' Contributions to Justice

As part of its Law Week events, the New Jersey Judiciary is recognizing the contributions to justice made by New Jersey citizens who serve as jurors.

Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, said, "Our Law Day theme for 2012, ‘Courts, Justice, Freedom’ provides an ideal context in which to express our gratitude to the thousands of jurors whose service is vital to the work of the courts and the delivery of justice to the people of New Jersey.

“The Judiciary recognizes the extraordinary service that jurors provide and we endeavor to make juror service convenient, to operate efficiently, and to provide an experience that demonstrates the fairness of the justice system in New Jersey,” he said.

This week the Judiciary's website, judiciary.state.nj.us, will feature jurors' own statements about their juror experience. 

The comments were part of routine surveying that Judiciary jury managers conduct statewide.  Sample juror comments, in addition to those that will be posted daily online, include the following: 

This was a worthwhile experience and I look forward to doing it again.  (Bergen juror)

I felt very proud to participate in the truly best system of justice anywhere in the world and felt good to be an American.   (Salem grand juror)

About 200,000 trial jurors and 11,000 grand jurors serve in New Jersey each year. Jurors must be American citizens who are at least 18 years old.

A New Jersey resident can be summoned for one of three types of jury service: as a petit juror, a grand juror, or a state grand juror.  Petit jury service includes criminal and civil trials. Petit jurors determine defendants' guilt or innocence in criminal trials or determine liability or damages in civil trials. 

Grand jurors determine whether there is sufficient evidence to move forward with criminal charges against a defendant. A grand juror can serve either in his or her county or also can serve in Trenton on a state grand jury that has statewide jurisdiction and representation.

The Judiciary continues to work to enhance juror service for New Jersey citizens.  In addition to implementing a process by which jurors can respond online to their juror qualification questionnaire, Judiciary jury managers also post information on the Judiciary website for jurors to review the evening before their reporting date so that they can be advised about any late changes that affect the need for jurors to report to the courthouse.

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