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For immediate release: October 30, 2008
For further information contact: Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Judiciary Enhances Customer Service by Publicizing Complaints Procedures

Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, has announced that during October, which is national customer service month, every vicinage will be adding signs and distributing brochures about how court users can report concerns about fair treatment to the appropriate office.

In addition to highlighting this information in each courthouse, the Judiciary will implement training initiatives for court employees to remind them how they should assist court users who have complaints. Further, the Judiciary will disseminate information about complaint procedures to bar associations, agencies and community groups whose members deal frequently with the courts.

"People come to us expecting fairness," said Judge Grant. "We want to make sure that all who use the courts, including litigants, attorneys, jurors, volunteers, witnesses, job applicants and vendors, feel that they have been treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or membership in any other protected group."

The Judiciary's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) policy, which can be found in its entirety at judiciary.state.nj.us, says in part that, "The Judiciary is committed to treating all employees and court users equally, with dignity and respect."

Every courthouse has various avenues for reporting concerns about fair treatment. Complaints may be made to

  • the EEO/AA officer
  • the ombudsman
  • the trial court administrator or
  • the assignment judge

In addition, those wishing to discuss their concerns regarding fair treatment involving court staff may wish to contact the Judiciary's statewide EEO/AA officer at 609-292-3586 or, if the complaint involves a judge, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct at 609-292-2552.

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