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For immediate release: October 22, 2007
For further information contact: Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Statement by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

The Supreme Court today entered an order suspending a municipal court judge without pay, as a result of criminal charges filed against him.  That judge had been on leave without pay.  Three other judges charged today have all been replaced in recent weeks.

After initially learning of the allegations at the heart of this matter, the Judiciary conducted a preliminary review.  The Judiciary then referred the matter to the prosecutor’s office for investigation.  I also ordered a review of the entire municipal court system to ensure that proper procedures for dismissing tickets are being followed.  The Judiciary will continue to notify the Attorney General in all appropriate cases. 

Municipal court judges and staff resolved more than 6.5 million cases last year.  The troubling conduct alleged in today’s complaints should not call into question the vast work of many fine public servants.  But improprieties in even a single case undermine trust and confidence in our municipal court system. 

We are grateful for the work of Hudson County Assignment Judge Maurice Gallipoli and his team for their ongoing efforts in the Jersey City Municipal Court system.

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