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For immediate release: October 18, 2007
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New Trial Court Administrator Assigned in Gloucester/Cumberland/Salem Vicinage

Assignment Judge Georgia M. Curio of the Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem Vicinage today announced the appointment of Mark Sprock as trial court administrator.

Under New Jersey court rules, the administrative director of the courts appoints the trial court administrator in each vicinage. Acting Administrative Director Judge Philip S. Carchman said that he named Mr. Sprock on the strong recommendation of Judge Curio.

The trial court administrator is the highest ranking staff executive in the vicinage in charge of all court operations, including financial management, human resources, information systems, case coordination, case flow management, probation services, jury utilization, facilities, equipment, maintenance, records management and statistical analysis.

Mr. Sprock has been with the Judiciary since 1980 serving in the vicinage in various positions, including probation officer, assistant vicinage chief probation officer, acting Municipal Division manager and operations manager.  He has a B.A. in sociology from Glassboro State College and is a State of New Jersey certified public manager. 

Judge Curio said “I have come to rely upon Mark as the ‘go to’ person in a variety of circumstances.  He is entirely reliable, well prepared, and he has demonstrated an ability to anticipate issues and develop effective strategies and responses.  Mark is respected by his fellow managers and enjoys positive relations with a broad spectrum of our employees.  He is known to and well regarded by our judges.  He carries out his duties with equanimity and calm assurance.  I have worked closely with him since becoming assignment judge and have found that we work well together.”

Mr. Sprock resides in Clarksboro with his wife Sherryl, a teacher, and their two children, Rachel and Timothy.

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