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For immediate release: October 16, 2007
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Special Civil Part Makes "Paperless Court" Available Statewide

            Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting administrative director of the courts, announced today that judges and staff in all 21 counties now are operating a “paperless court” for civil actions involving $15,000 or less.
            “E-filing is a convenient, cost effective, and efficient way to do business with the courts. By working together, staff members from various offices, including information technology and trial court services, have developed a truly paperless, statewide system for attorneys,” said Judge Carchman.

            The Judiciary Electronic Filing and Imaging System (JEFIS) eliminates the need to store hard copies of papers filed in these cases.  Instead, documents are filed electronically, or are scanned into electronic images, and stored in electronic case jackets.  In addition, electronic filing eliminates the need for court staff to manually enter case information into the Judiciary’s Automated Case Management System, providing greater efficiency and fewer clerical errors at a critical point in case processing. 

            The electronic case jackets now contain all documents, whether filed electronically or on paper, and are accessible to the parties, the judge and court staff at any time, further expediting case processing.  The public can view these cases from public terminals located in each court house.  Electronic filing saves attorneys time, effort and cost in delivering documents to the courts.  These savings can in turn be passed on to litigants. 

            While JEFIS has been available statewide for attorneys to file cases electronically in the Special Civil Part since 2000, the installation of the imaging component of JEFIS in the final county, Essex, is the culmination of the effort to create a truly paperless court.  Currently, 158 law firms have filed nearly 2 million documents using JEFIS, and nearly 50 percent of eligible cases are being filed electronically. The Judiciary soon will begin working to make JEFIS available for additional case types.  

            Attorneys can find information and instructions on how to file electronically at njcourtsonline.com.

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