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For immediate release: October 1, 2007
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Hudson Assignment Judge Gallipoli Now Leads Jersey City Municipal Court

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner today announced that Hudson County Assignment Judge Maurice J. Gallipoli will assume direct leadership of the Jersey City Municipal Court to oversee the municipal court’s operations as part of an ongoing investigation into possible irregularities with the disposition of some tickets.

This is the second strengthening of the Jersey City court’s leadership by the Chief Justice in the past week. On Sept. 21, in the wake of the resignation of former Chief Judge Wanda Molina, he assigned Superior Court Judge Sheila A. Venable as chief judge. Beginning Oct. 9, Judge Venable will work with Judge Gallipoli by administering day-to-day court operations.

Judge Gallipoli and his staff from the Hudson Vicinage of the Superior Court, with assistance from the Administrative Office of the Courts, have been working to detect irregularities in the resolution of cases in the Jersey City Municipal Court and to identify individuals who may be responsible. They have interviewed judges and staff and have examined the Judiciary’s municipal court database system. They have referred findings to the Attorney General when their examination identified possible improprieties.

“Our examination continues to be extensive and far-reaching. The shadow that has been cast over the integrity of the Jersey City Municipal Court is unacceptable. I intend to be involved personally in every aspect of restoring the integrity of this court and to root out any practice that diminishes its good name,” said Judge Gallipoli.



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