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For immediate release: June 7, 2007
For further information contact: Winnie Comfort or Tammy Kendig

Judiciary Times Wins a New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists Award

Judiciary Times, the quarterly newsletter of the New Jersey court system, has received an award for excellence from the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (NJSPJ). This is the second NJSPJ award the newsletter has received in the past three years.

The publication was the single winner in the Newsletter Writing and Reporting category of the 2007 Excellence in Journalism Awards. Winnie Comfort, the Judiciary's director of communications, and Linda Brown Holt, founding editor and writer of Judiciary Times, will accept the award June 9 during the 2007 Excellence in Journalism Awards Brunch at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

"Judiciary Times has become a critical communication tool to educate our workforce and the public about our outstanding programs, initiatives and colleagues in the Judiciary," said Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting administrative director of the courts. "We are pleased to receive this honor from one of New Jersey's most prestigious communications organizations."

NJSPJ judges reviewed issues of Judiciary Times produced in 2006. In addition to news and updates, the newsletter included a feature on staff serving with the National Guard in Iraq and an article about a staff sign-language interpreter who signs for Meryl Streep and other actors in her free time. Other articles included plain-language explanations of new programs, personal profiles of Judiciary leadership and a series on technology in the courts.

The newsletter attempts to cover every aspect of the court system. A typical page in one issue included articles on how the Lemon Law is working in Essex County, what's new with the Judiciary's Internet security policy and how eighth graders are learning about the courts in the Morris/Sussex Vicinage.

The newsletter is distributed to judges and Judiciary staff throughout the state and may be viewed at njcourtsonline.com. The newsletter also has received several awards in recent years from the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA) and the Jersey Shore Public Relations & Advertising Association.

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