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For immediate release: Jan. 30, 2007
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State's Judges to Preside over Mock Trials

A dedicated corps of New Jersey's Superior Court judges will join attorneys from across the state to preside over the New Jersey State Bar Foundation's Mock Trial Competitions for high school students, today announced Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting administrative director of the courts.

The preliminary mock trials, cosponsored by the 21 county bar associations, pit student teams from local high schools against each other as they play various roles such as plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, witnesses, and jurors in a fictional court case designed by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. Winners then advance to the Foundation's regional, semi-final and final competitions, held at the New Jersey Law Center, One Constitution Square, New Brunswick. The state champions will then compete in the American Mock Trial Invitational at the Law Center from May 2-4. Last year's statewide champion was Montclair High School.

"The mock trial program is a wonderful way to educate students about the legal system, to sharpen their public speaking skills and, we hope, interest many of them in legal careers," said Judge Carchman. "Our judges really enjoy working with the students and are always impressed by their skill and maturity at these events."

Here is the scenario on which this year's mock trial is based:

In May 2005, a high school student's 17th birthday lunch almost became his/her last. Plaintiff, Ian/Ina Fectious, claims that after eating a hamburger with the works at a local fast food restaurant, s/he acquired a serious bacterial infection. The plaintiff is suing Tagen Burgers restaurant for serving him/her a hamburger sandwich allegedly adulterated with E. coli O157:H7, a toxic bacteria capable of causing permanent internal damage and even death. Students will compete in the liability trial of this "defective product" claim.

A schedule of regional and statewide events and a partial list of participating Superior Court judges are attached. Additional judges will be added as the details of these events are finalized. For information on judges in local competitions, please call the Office of Communications.

Calendar of Regional Events and Statewide Semi-finals held at the New Jersey Law Center, One Constitution Square, New Brunswick.

Central Regional Feb. 13
Northern Regional Feb. 14
Southern Regional Feb. 15
Regional Finals Mar. 16
Statewide Finals Mar. 27

List of Participating Judges

Victor Ashrafi (Somerset)
Francine I. Axelrad (Appellate)
Mark A. Baber (Hudson)
Peter F. Bariso (Hudson)
Stephen J. Bernstein (Essex)
Dennis F. Carey III (Essex)
Marilyn C. Clark (Passaic)
Bernard E. DeLury Jr. (Atlantic) Thomas H. Dilts (Hunterdon)
Richard W. English (Monmouth)
James A. Farber (Sussex) Bradley J. Ferencz (Middlesex)
Terence P. Flynn (Monmouth)
William L. Forester (Salem)
Ronald J. Freeman (Camden)
Harold W. Fullilove (Essex)
Edward V. Gannon (Sussex) L. Anthony Gibson (Retired)
Michael A. Guadagno (Monmouth)
Rudolph Hawkins (Monmouth)
Michael J. Hogan (Burlington)
James E. Isman (Atlantic)
David J. Issenman (Monmouth)
Nelson C. Johnson (Atlantic)
Paul A. Kapalko (Monmouth)
John C. Kennedy (Essex)
Camille M. Kenny (Hudson)
Honora O'Brien Kilgallen (Monmouth)
Fred H. Kumpf (Somerset)
Ira E. Kreizman (Monmouth)
Thomas J. LaConte (Passaic)
Verna G. Leath (Essex)
Louis F. Locascio (Monmouth)
Sebastian P. Lombardi (Essex)
Julie B. Marino (Somerset)
Thomas M. McCormack (Essex)
James J. McGann (Monmouth)
William J. McGovern, III (Sussex)
Octavia Meléndez (Camden)
Edward M. Neafsy (Monmouth)
Dennis V. Nieves (Middlesex)
William E. Nugent (Atlantic)
Steven P. Perskie (Atlantic)
John R. Rauh (Cape May)
Joseph L. Rea (Middlesex)
Raymond A. Reddin (Passaic)
Marvin Rimm (Retired)
Jerome M. St. John (Essex)
Mark H. Sandson (Atlantic)
Barry P. Sarkisian (Hudson)
Robert C. Shelton (retired) (Sussex)
Thomas F. Scully (Monmouth)
Menelaos W. Toskos (Bergen)
Michael A. Toto (Middlesex)
James G. Troiano (Essex)
Bette E. Uhrmacher (Monmouth)
Thomas R. Vena (Essex)
Rosemarie R. Williams (Middlesex)

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