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For immediate release: Mar. 23, 2005
For further information: Joseph F. Davis
Trial Court Administrator

Hoboken Municipal Court Judge On Duty for Emergencies

Hudson Superior Court Assignment Judge Maurice J. Gallipoli announced that Hoboken Municipal Court emergency operations will continue to function, even though today the courts are closed because the city does not have an approved budget.

"The public must be assured that the Municipal Court is available around the clock to handle critical public safety issues such as applications by victims of domestic violence for temporary restraining orders, setting bail and other emergency matters," said Judge Gallipoli.

Municipal Court Judge Kimberly Glatt will be on duty by telephone using the "after hours" system of hearing emergent matters. "This system is in place every night, weekend and court holiday, so we know it works," Judge Gallipoli explained.

Litigants who had court appearances scheduled today in Hoboken Municipal Court will be notified of a new court date. The Violations Bureau, where citizens pay for traffic tickets and other fines or fees, is closed as well. Parking and traffic tickets payable at the Violations Bureau also are payable on the New Jersey Judiciary Web site at

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