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For immediate release: February 16, 2005
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Winnie Comfort
Tammy Kendig

Judiciary's Web Site Accessible for People with Visual Impairments

The New Jersey Judiciary has made available a text-only version of its award-winning Web site, today announced Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting administrative director of the courts.

The text-only version, at http://www.njcourtsonline.com, provides access to all of the thousands of files housed on the site, including court opinions, court calendars, kits for self-represented litigants, the Rules of Court, and information on dozens of court programs and services.

Beneficiaries of this enhancement include citizens with visual impairments, physical disabilities, or reading difficulties who rely on widely available screen-reading software that can "read" text-only Web sites aloud. The text-only version also makes it easer for those with older computer systems to access and navigate the Judiciary Web site because there are no graphics to load. Even those with newer systems will find the text-only version easy to use and navigate.

"With the text-only version of our Web site, we can reach an expanded audience and improve user experience for everyone," said Judge Carchman.

To access the text-only version, click on the words "TEXT ONLY" at the very top of the home page at http://www.njcourtsonline.com. These are the first words that a screen-reader software program would encounter on the Web site. Many of these systems would automatically switch to the text only version at that point.

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