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For immediate release: February 7, 2005
For further information contact:
Judith Irizarry, Ombudsman
Superior Court of New Jersey, Mercer Vicinage
(609) 571-4205

Use of Technology Enhances Court Services in Mercer County Courthouses

Assignment Judge Linda R. Feinberg and Acting Trial Court Administrator Bruce Hillman are happy to announce the availability of additional technology for use by courthouse visitors.

In the Jury Assembly room on the second floor of the Civil Courthouse at 175 South Broad Street, three Internet stations have been installed for the convenience of Mercer County residents serving as jurors. These stations are equipped with desk space to accommodate a laptop, a free Internet connection and step-by-step directions on hook-up. Jurors are welcome to bring their network-ready laptops to access the Internet while waiting to be called for jury service.

In addition, two new computers are available for public use in the courthouse law library also located on the second floor of the Civil Courthouse. One computer provides access to the Internet and, for account holders, access to research sites such as Westlaw. The second computer provides public inquiry access to the Civil Division's Automated Case Management System.

Finally, the two public access terminals located on the second floor of the Criminal Courthouse at 209 South Broad Street now offer a browser-based search program to access case information in Promis/Gavel, the Judiciary's criminal case management system. Users can perform criminal case inquiries and print information at the standard copy rate.

"We are always looking for ways to make our courts more accessible, more convenient and more efficient," said Judge Feinberg. "We see these technologies as important customer service enhancements."

Additional information about any of these services can be obtained by contacting the Mercer Vicinage's Information Technology Help Desk at (609) 571-4360.

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