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For immediate release: October 12, 2004
For further information: contact: Tamara Kendig, AOC
(609) 292-9580

New Jersey Judiciary Newsletter Now Online

The New Jersey Judiciary has added its quarterly newsletter to the large number of publications available on its Web site. The newsletter, Judiciary Times, provides Judiciary staff and others interested in the workings of the courts with updates on new programs, personnel changes, and recent events.

Originally intended for an internal audience, the newsletter has become a useful resource for anyone seeking information about what's new in the Judiciary. Edited by Linda Brown Holt, manager of communications services, the Judiciary Times recently received a Gold Astra Award by the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association for excellence in writing.

Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting administrative director of the courts, praised the addition of the newsletter on the Web site. "The Judiciary Times serves as our main communication tools keeping our employees-and now those in the community-informed about a wide variety of topics in our organization," he said.

New issues will be posted quarterly at www.njcourtsonline.com/. Back issues, from 2001 forward, also will be available on the site.

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