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Supreme Court Approves Financial Reporting Program for Judges

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For release: December 18, 2001

Please Note:The Financial Reporting Form attached to this press release has been revised. Please click here to access the most up to date form (PDF format).

The Supreme Court has approved the implementation of a judicial financial reporting program, Administrative Director of the Courts Judge Richard J. Williams announced today.

The program, which will be adopted formally by Court Rule, applies to all sitting Justices and Appellate, Superior and Tax Court judges, including those serving on recall.

The program requires that all sources of income over $1000 be reported. The initial reporting date will be April 15, 2002, which will cover January through December 2001.

In addition, an Advisory Committee on Judicial Financial Reporting will be formed to guide judges in interpreting the reporting requirements. The appointment of that advisory committee, as well as its role and procedures, will be set forth in the Court Rule that the Supreme Court will be adopting shortly.

“The Judiciary is committed to maintaining the public’s trust and confidence in our court system,” said Judge Williams. “This action further exemplifies that commitment.”

Completed financial forms will be submitted to the Supreme Court. They will be available for public examination upon formal written request.

A copy of the reporting forms is attached to this notice.

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