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Judiciary Reaches Out To Law Firms Affected by World Trade Center Disaster

For further information contact
Winnie Comfort, Administrative Office of the Courts
For release: September 13, 2001
(609) 292-9580

The Administrative Director of New Jersey's Courts, Richard J. Williams, JAD, has created a Judiciary Assistance Team to assist law firms impacted by Tuesday's tragedy at the World Trade Center and other locations in lower Manhattan.

  • We know that there may be attorneys in the stricken area who conduct business in New Jersey and who may have lost case files, court schedules or other important information. Or, they simply may have questions and be unsure of where to call,” said Judge Williams.
  • I have set up this team to provide an easy way to reach New Jersey's Judiciary and get answers during this time of crisis,” Williams said.

To reach David P. Anderson, Judiciary Assistance Team Coordinator, attorneys may:

  • Call 609-292-6034 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Fax 609-777-0551. After-hours faxes will be picked up the next business morning.
  • E-mail the Judiciary Assistance Team at JAT@njcourts.gov.
  • Fill out and submit the online assistance form.

After-hours e-mails will be picked up the next business morning.

Members of the team will be seeking the following types of information from firms:

  • name of law firm,
  • New Jersey name of law firm, if different,
  • name of New Jersey lawyer,
  • contact information for the firm (telephone numbers, e-mail, fax numbers),
  • New Jersey address,
  • venues of practice in New Jersey,
  • types of cases in New Jersey,
  • and any specific case information available.
  • Judiciary staff will work with each law firm that needs assistance whether it means providing a quick answer to a simple question or mounting a research effort to try to recover lost documents,” Judge Williams said.
  • The staff is anxious to help those who have been affected. We will do whatever is in our power to assist attorneys and their clients get through the effects of this tragedy.

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