Press Advisory re: Presentment of Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct in respect of Superior Court Judge Rosemarie R. Williams

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The Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) has filed a Presentment in respect of Superior Court Judge Rosemarie R. Williams. The Committee had charged Judge Williams in a two-count complaint with violations of Canons 1 and 2A of the Code of Judicial Conduct and Rule 2:15-8(a)(6).

In its Presentment, the ACJC has concluded that Judge Williams violated the Canons and Rule as charged. By a split vote (4-2-1), the Committee has recommended to the Supreme Court that Judge Williams be censured and required to continue to receive psychological counseling. Two members of the Committee voted for removal and one voted for a six-month suspension from the bench. Their dissenting opinions are attached to the majority's Presentment.

It is anticipated that the Court will consider the ACJC's Presentment early in January.

According to the "Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey," the ACJC reviews criticisms, grievances and complaints about judges of the Superior Court, Surrogate's Court, Tax Court and Municipal Courts and takes appropriate action based on conclusions drawn from its preliminary investigation. When the ACJC concludes that a formal hearing is required, the committee makes a recommendation to the Supreme Court about the matter following the formal hearing. A formal hearing in the matter of Judge Rosemarie Williams began on Aug. 10 and concluded after four days of testimony on Aug. 16.

The Supreme Court appoints the nine members of the ACJC. They include two retired Supreme Court Justices or Superior Court judges, currently Hon. Alan B. Handler (Ret.)and Hon. Daniel J. O'Hern (Ret.), four members of the New Jersey Bar, currently Peter N. Perreti, Jr., Edward J. Dauber, M. Karen Thompson and Robert N. McAlister and three lay members not holding public office. The current lay members are Thomas H. Brown, Arthur Z. Kamin and Teresa M. Kluck. Neither Retired Justice O'Hern nor bar member Peter N. Perreti, Jr. participated in the Williams' decision.

An excerpt of "Rule 2:15 . Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct," is attached to explain the procedure once a presentment is made to the Supreme Court. For the full version of the rule see Rules of the Court, Rule 2:15

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