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Jury Management

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Directions to the Courthouse Complex

Juror Parking
Free parking for jurors is available in the Center City Garage only, located on Ward Street, directly across the street from the Courthouse Complex. Please park in the juror parking designated area only

Disability Accommodations

For disability accommodations, please call 973-247-8070 (voice or TTY) to make arrangements for the most convenient and comfortable service.

Juror Questionnaire Procedures

  • You must fill out and return the questionnaire within 10 days (required by all jurors) even if you have a valid excuse.
  • Open questionnaire form to yellow section
  • Carefully read all instructions provided on the questionnaire
  • Answer all questions 1-14. If any of your answers are within the red box, you are excused from Jury Duty and do not have to report, unless you are contacted by Jury Management staff.
  • If you would like to request a postponement of your jury service to another date, please state your reasons on the bottom portion of the questionnaire where lines are provided.
  • To request a hardship excuse from jury service, provide appropriate information on the bottom portion on of the questionnaire directly below the postponement section.
  • If applying for any type of excuse or postponement of service, you are required to contact the Jury Management Office at 973-247-8068, 973-247-8069, or 973-247-8070 to determine your juror status.

The Juror Cut-off Number

The juror cut-off number is used to make sure we have the right number of Jurors that we need for the week. The cut-off number refers to your Juror number, which appears at the bottom right of your summons. On the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before you are scheduled to serve, please call 973-247-8530 to hear a recorded message telling you if you are required to report. If you are required to report, you must do so at the time and location noted on your summons. If the recording is unavailable, you are required to report as summoned.

Term of Service: Petit Jurors

Depending upon the needs of the court, some petit jurors are summoned to serve for three days and others are summoned to serve for one day. In either case, any juror selected to serve on a jury will be excused at the end of the trial.

Term of Service: Grand Jurors

Grand Jurors are selected during an orientation period (the orientation period is the date and time indicated on your questionnaire). If selected as a Grand Juror, the term of service is two days a week for approximately nine weeks. Details of Grand Jury procedures are outlined during the orientation period. All jurors summoned for Grand Jury are required to provide appropriate information on the questionnaire and return the questionnaire to the Jury Management Office. Jurors are then required to report to the Jury Assembly Room #325 in the Administration Building (located at 401 Grand Street in Paterson) on the date indicated on the questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding Grand Jury service, contact the Jury Management Office at 973-247-8068, 973-247-8069, 973-247-8070.

Emergency Closings

Emergency court closings will be announced starting at 6:30 a.m. on radio stations WGHT 1500AM,WINS 1010AM, and on the television program Good Day New York on WNYW-FOX 5 television. Emergency closing information can also be found at www.judiciary.state.nj.us/closings.htm.

Common Questions

The following list of the questions asked most frequently by Jurors, along with the appropriate responses from the Jury Management Office:

I sent in my questionnaire requesting an excuse or postponement, but did not receive a response from your office. Should have I received a response?
No, you will not receive a response. If you are asking for any type of excuse, you must call the Jury Management Office at the numbers listed above one week before you are scheduled to report. The Jury Management staff will inform you if your excuse was approved or denied by the court.

Why am I still getting Juror Questionnaires if I am over the age of seventy-five or have previously been excused for a valid reason in the past?
If you vote, drive, or pay income tax, you may receive a questionnaire based on the fact that jurors are selected from various source lists such as the tax, motor vehicles, and voter registration lists. Therefore, it is possible that while someone you know may never have been selected, you may be selected on more than one occasion. (Although, you cannot serve more than once over a three year period and may be excused by simply filling out the questionnaire and indicating you have served as a juror within the Passaic Vicinage within the last three years.) If you are indeed over the age of seventy-five or meet any of the criteria for a hardship excuse you may be excused. Simply call the Jury Management Office at 973-247-8070 to confirm your status.

What can I bring to Jury Duty?
Jurors are permitted to bring personal computers, cellphones, work materials and other personal items to jury duty, although you are responsible for your own belongings as we do not have a secure location for you to leave personal items.

What should I wear to Jury Duty?
There is no mandatory dress code for jury service. Casual attire is acceptable, however, shorts, tank tops and shirts with offensive language are not permitted.

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