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Passaic Vicinage Court Information Centers

The main Information Center for the Passaic County Courts is located in the lobby of the New Courthouse at 77 Hamilton Street. Court Information Centers exist to provide timely and reliable information to the users of the Court. They serve as a central location in which users of the court may obtain directions and numerous types of information, such as: location and facilities, various Court Services and programs, and other non-judicial Passaic County government offices.

Assorted publications and informative materials are displayed, including:

  • Information on Court Division programs and services from the Civil, Criminal, Probation, and Family Divisions
  • General information on the Courts such as a public information guide and a guide to the New Jersey Courts
  • Health and medical information
  • Public transportation schedules
  • Information from other county offices within and outside of the Courthouse complex

The Court Information Center in the New Courthouse at 77 Hamilton Street is staffed from 8:30 AM to 4 PM and can be reached by calling 973-247-8015.

The Passaic Vicinage is committed to improving Court access for its users by developing comprehensive Information Centers that promote customer service and foster public trust and confidence in the Courts.

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