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Passaic Vicinage Criminal Division

Marilyn C. Clark Honorable Marilyn C. Clark
Presiding Judge - Criminal
77 Hamilton Street
Chambers NCH-428
Paterson New Jersey 07505
973-247-8314 or

Edward Wingren
Criminal Division Manager

Antonio Montanez
Assistant Criminal Division Manager


The Honorable Ernest M. Caposela serves as the Assignment Judge for the Passaic Vicinage. Under his leadership our Vicinage remains challenged to ensure that we are functioning up to our full capability.

The Honorable Marilyn C. Clark serves as the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Courts and is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the criminal courts.


The Passaic Vicinage Criminal Division is currently comprised of five trial courts and a Pre-Indictment/Drug Court.

Judge Team Leader Telephone Number
Honorable Marilyn C. Clark, PJC (Trial Court and PAC) John Harrison 973-247-8349
Honorable Randal C. Chiocca, JSC (Trial Court) MaryAnn Grier 973-247-8385
Honorable Miguel de la Carrera, JSC (Trial Court) MaryAnn Grier 973-247-8385
Honorable Donna Gallucio, JSC (Trial Court) Frank Garlasco 973-247-8347
Honorable Adam E. Jacobs, JSC (Trial Court) Teresa Reitmeyer 973-247-8378
Honorable Christopher Kazlau, JSC (Trial Court) John Harrison 973-247-8349
Honorable Bruno Mongiardo, JSC (Trial Court) Teresa Reitmeyer 973-247-8378
Honorable Ronald B Sokalski (on recall) (Trial Court)   973-247-8382
Intake (PAC Team) Lynette Haynes 973-247-8865
PIC Team Adam Louridas 973-247-8355
PTI Team DeeAnna Briggs 973-247-8367
Customer Service/Records Team Francine Gary 973-247-8371


A pre-indictment event is scheduled for all indictable complaints referred from sixteen municipal courts. If the case is not disposed of at "PIC," it is referred to the grand jury. If a true bill is returned, the case is assigned to a trial court. The case remains with that court until adjudication or it is rotated to another court.

Presently the Criminal Division Manager is Edward Wingren. The office of approximately ninety-seven employees act as support staff to the courts. Each court has a support "team" in the Criminal Division Manager's Office.

The Criminal Division is responsible for handling:

  • Emergent Bail Matters
  • Public Defender Determination
  • Pre-Indictment Conference (PIC)
  • Pre-Arraignment Conference (PAC)
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations (PSI)
  • Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI)
  • Treatment Assessment Service for the Courts (T.A.S.C.)
  • Drug Court
  • Municipal Appeals
  • Scheduling of all Court events

Under the direction of the judge, the team leader is responsible for the day to day operation of his/her court. For any information or questions on a case pending before a particular judge, the team leader should be contacted for assistance.

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