New Jersey Courts on the Go

Do you need to reference certain information from the Judiciary's website when you are not able to connect to the Internet? The reference material listed below is provided in a self-contained .zip file that may be downloaded to your PC and maintained on your laptop, tablet or other portable device and available to you at any time, with or without an Internet connection. Click here for instructions on downloading and extracting these .zip files.

The "On the Go" files will be updated periodically to reflect the latest information. In order to keep your files current, you must check this page for updates. Notification of updates to "On the Go" files also will be posted prominently on the Judiciary's home page.

Driving Directions:

Judiciary Directories:

Jury Charges:

Rules of Court:

Please Note: A table of contents with links to individual rules is provided for each part of the Rules of Court. After you have extracted the .zip files, open the "toc" file associated with each part (e.g., part1_toc.pdf, part2_toc.pdf, etc.) and use that hyperlinked table of contents to navigate to a specific rule.

Directions for Downloading and Extracting .zip Files:

  1. Click on a .zip file to open the "file download" dialog box.
  2. Save the file to a directory on your computer.
  3. Once saved, navigate to the directory in which you saved the file.
  4. "Right-click" on the file to bring up the "file context" menu.
  5. Select "extract all..." to open the Extraction Wizard, then follow the instructions provided.
  6. Once all of the files are extracted, open the "readme.txt" file for further instructions.

The .zip files contain Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted information. In order to view PDF documents, you must install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website. provides a set of free tools that allow visually disabled users to read documents in Adobe PDF format.

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