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Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean Vicinage Office of the Ombudsman

Ocean County Justice Complex
118 Washington St., Room 101, Toms River , NJ 08754
Phone: (732) 288-7212
Fax: (732) 506-5153


It is a customer service oriented program that: assists court users by distributing information to help them navigate their way through the court system; presents public education programs about the court; and addresses complaints from the public.


To promote an environment of continuous improvement in areas of customer service and equal court access in compliance with court policies and procedures. This is established by instituting effective mechanisms for the following three core services of the Ombudsman Program:

Citizen Assistance
Public Information
Community Outreach/Relations

Citizen Assistance:

The Ombudsman receives and documents complaints from the public related to alleged or perceived misunderstandings, conflicts or mistreatment in the courthouse. Upon receiving information about an issue, the Ombudsman conducts an investigation and works to resolve the problem. The Ombudsman attempts to offer an immediate resolution to the matter and, when appropriate, provides a referral to another resource. The Ombudsman acts as a facilitator to help resolve conflicts between the public and the court concerning customer service, court processes and procedures. The Ombudsman also collects data from customers' suggestions in order to make recommendations for the improvement of court services.

Public Information:

The Ombudsman also works with the Court Divisions to develop and provide customers with updated information related to court services and processes. The Ombudsman reviews signage, bulletin boards, lobby information booths, web pages, publications, and materials for self-represented litigants and linguistic minorities. The idea behind this aspect of the Ombudsman Program is that accurate court information informs the public and prevents misunderstandings before they occur.

Community Outreach/Relations:

The Ombudsman coordinates community outreach efforts that familiarize the public with the court system to promote an environment of public trust and support. These programs include public education seminars, court tours and other special events. These efforts create opportunities for the public to learn about the courts from Judges and court personnel, and reciprocally, for Judges and court staff to learn about the public's concerns.

Courthouse Tours

A Courthouse tour affords many people the opportunity to observe and learn about the Judiciary. We encourage various organizations to enjoy the rich history of the Ocean County Courthouse and to learn about the judicial system. Courthouse tours are available Monday through Friday.

Complaints, inquiries, requests for assistance and/or suggestions may be submitted in person, by telephone or in writing to the Office of the Ombudsman.

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