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Overview of Probation Division

The Probation Division is charged with the enforcement of post-disposition orders from the Criminal, Family, and Municipal Divisions. The Vicinage Chief Probation Officer works together with the Assignment Judge and Trial Court Administrator to coordinate this operation. The Vicinage Chief Probation Officer also works closely with the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division and the Presiding Judge of the Family Division.

The Probation Division has three main operational units: Adult Supervision/Juvenile Supervision and Child Support Enforcement with many underlying support and specialty programs.

1. Adult/Juvenile Supervision - More than 4,500 adult and more than 800 juveniles are under a variety of supervision programs including specialized caseloads for sex offenders, domestic violence, drug court and mental health. Clients are monitored according to their risk to the community and to ensure that they comply with the orders of the court. Probation Officers are also responsible for the collection of financial penalties/restitution and for the monitoring of community service requirements. The Comprehensive Enforcement Program handles those individuals who default on payments through a hearing officer program. Pre-Trial Intervention allows first offenders a chance to avoid a conviction if they successfully complete a period of supervision.

2. Child Support Enforcement - Probation Officers are responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of court orders where an individual is court ordered to pay financial support to a spouse or child through the Probation Division. More than 18,000 support orders are in effect in Ocean County. Individuals who default on payments may be referred to a hearing officer program. 

The CSE unit collected over $94 million in support payments in 2016.


Terence J. Foley
Vicinage Chief Probation Officer / Probation Division Manager

Nancy Cain-DeGisi
Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer / Child Support Enforcement
213 Washington St.
Toms River, NJ 08753

Wayne Lagerquist
Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer / Supervision
15 Hooper Ave.
Toms River, NJ 08753

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