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Ocean Vicinage EEO/AA Program

 This site contains EEO/AA-related information for your benefit. You will note that there is information on career development, EEO/AA training and events. The information is updated as necessary.

The New Jersey Judiciary is dedicated to the principles and goals of fairness, equality, courtesy and respect for all individuals. These are the cornerstones of activities and operations in the court system and embody the Judiciary’s commitment to equality under the law and fairness in the administration of justice.

The New Jersey Judiciary discrimination complaint policies and procedures are outlined on pages 7 through 15 of the Judiciary EEO/AA Master Plan and page 33 of the Ocean Vicinage Implementation Plan; a results-oriented document that specifies the responsibilities and accountability of management , supervisors, human resource staff, EEO/AA officer and those individuals who conduct employment interviews have for complying with its requirements. The Employee Guide to Reporting and Handling Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment in the Judiciary is always available to you here or you may request your own copy from the Human Resource Office. If you feel you have been discriminated against, please complete the complaint form and submit it to Sonal Pushko, vicinage EEO/AA officer.

The successful implementation of our EEO/AA program and the achievement of a nondiscriminatory environment
requires more than a written policy. It requires active support and an ongoing effort by all court staff. The Ocean
Vicinage has various components in accordance with the New Jersey Judiciary Master Plan:

• A strong policy against discrimination;
• Dissemination of the EEO/AA program through orientation, training and publications;
• An internal complaint process in accordance with the Judiciary Master Plan;

EEO/AA-related inquiries and requests for assistance should be forwarded to:

Candice G. Hendricks, Ocean Vicinage EEO/AA Officer
Ocean County Superior Court
120 Hooper Avenue, Room 240
Toms River, NJ 08754

EEO/AA Advisory Committee

  • Candice G. Hendricks, EEO/AA Officer, Trial Court Services
  • Brian Giustozzi, Assistant Family Division Manager
  • Rachel Kirby, Judiciary Secretary, Trial Court Services
  • Rashon Walker, Probation Officer, Criminal Division
  • Christina Colditz, Financial Specialist, Finance Division
  • Jillian Ackerman, Court Services Officer, Civil Division
  • Nicole Desalvo, Probation Officer, Criminal Division
  • James Castaneda, Team Leader, Civil Division
  • Bonnie Milligan, Judge’s Secretary
  • Monika Skurzynski, Administrative Specialist, Trial Court Services
  • Kelly Berardi, Team Leader, Family Division
  • Nicole Demicco, Probation Officer, Probation Division


 This section contains information on EEO/AA-related elective and mandatory training. EEO/AA training may be offered in the vicinage or at the Administrative Office of the Courts. Please review the Judiciary’s training catalog for dates and locations.

Sign up for Training. Improve Your Skills. Help Your Career Grow. Learn Something New Today.

Elective EEO/AA-Related Trainings—If you are interested in attending any of these training, please contact Michael King, Vicinage Training Coordinator.

• The Next Step to Diversity—You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me
• Peacock in a Land of Penguins
• Leveraging the Diversity of Social Styles Through Emotional Intelligence Leader
• I Am Not The Enemy
• Establishing and Maintaining Effective Relationships
• Diversity Profile Training -Getting On The Diversity Boat and Rowing Together

Training Request Form—You must complete training form for every training and submit to the vicinage training coordinator. You can link to the training catalog and select your training.

EEO/AA Mandatory Training for All Employees
• Valuing Diversity
• Sexual Harassment Prevention Workplace Training
• HIV/AIDS Workplace Training
• EEO Discrimination Complaint Procedures Manual

EEO/AA Mandatory Training for Managers and Supervisors
Maintaining a Sexual Harassment-free Work Environment: Our Managerial and Supervisory Responsibilities and Liabilities

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