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OAE Frequently Asked Questions

Information For The Public

Information For Attorneys

How can I contact the Office of Attorney Ethics?

The OAE's main office telephone number is (609) 530-4008. The mailing address is Office of Attorney Ethics, P.O. Box 963, Trenton, NJ 08625. The office is located at 840 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, NJ 08628. (just off exit 2 of Route I-95)

How can I find out the disciplinary history of an attorney?

You can search the disciplinary histories on this Website. For other inquiries, you may telephone the OAE at (609) 530-4008.

How do I file an ethics grievance against an attorney or dispute fees charged by an attorney?

Telephone the toll-free Ethics/Fee Arbitration Hotline at 1-(800)-406-8594. A recording will instruct you to enter the zip code of the office address of the attorney in question. You will then be automatically transferred to one of 17 district committees to request filing forms.

How do I file a complaint about a judge?

If your complaint deals with a Superior Court, Tax Court, Surrogate's Court, or Municipal Court judge, contact the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, Administrative Office of the Courts, Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, 25 W. Market Street, P. O. Box 037, Trenton, New Jersey 08625 Telephone: (609) 421-6100

What must I do if I want to engage in the private practice of law in New Jersey?

In order to engage in private practice in New Jersey, you must:
a. pay the annual assessment;

b. complete the attorney annual registration statement and keep the data current throughout the year;

c. maintain a bona fide office under R.1:21-1(a);

d. fulfill the requirements of R. 1:21-6, including trust and business accounts in an approved New Jersey financial institution; e. keep trust accounts IOLTA-compliant (R. 1:28A); and

f. maintain required levels of malpractice insurance under Court Rules if practicing in a P.A., P.C., L.L.P., or L.L.C.

Where can I find information about mandatory licensing of In-House Counsel pursuant to the new Rule 1:27-2?

Please visit the Board of Bar Examiners' website at www.njbarexams.org, or call them at (609) 984-2111.

How do I change my name?

You can download a name change certification/affidavit from the Board of Bar Examiners' website at www.njbarexams.org.

How do I resign without prejudice from the New Jersey Bar?

First, please review Court Rule 1:20-22. In particular, note that you cannot resign if any disciplinary or criminal proceedings are pending in any jurisdiction to which you are admitted. If you qualify, and if you comply with the notice requirements set forth in the form, you may complete the original form of Resignation Without Prejudice (pdf) and mail it to:

Resignation Without Prejudice Unit
Office of Attorney Ethics
P.O. Box 963 Trenton, NJ 08625

If your resignation is accepted by the Supreme Court, it will terminate your membership in the bar. To be readmitted, you will have to retake the New Jersey Bar Examination.

How do I obtain a certificate of good standing?

Contact the Supreme Court, Office of the Clerk at (609) 292-2012. There is a cost for this service.

How do I obtain a certificate of ethical conduct?

Send your request in writing to: The Office of Attorney Ethics, P.O. Box 963, Trenton, NJ 08625. Include your name, date of birth, social security number, date of admission to the N.J. State Bar, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. There is no cost for this service. Allow 2 to 3 weeks.

Where do I call if I have a question about the amount of the Annual Attorney Registration Fee, or to find out if an attorney is on the ineligible list?

For these matters you must contact the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection at 855-533-FUND (3863).

What are the requirements for admission pro hac vice?

These requirements, including payment of an annual fee, are set forth at the site of the Lawyers Fund For Client Protection.

What are the requirements for a non-New Jersey admitted attorney to engage in Multijurisdictional Practice in New Jersey?

Please read New Jersey Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5(b) and (c) and Rule 1:21-1(a) to see if you qualify. If so, complete the form for Designation of Supreme Court Clerk for service of process for multijurisdictional practice. Send a check for $212, payable to New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, together with the original and two copies of the completed downloaded form to Mark Neary, Clerk of the Supreme Court, P.O. Box 970, Trenton, NJ 08625-0970. The Clerk's office will forward the materials to the New Jersey Lawyers' Fund, which will return a stamped copy of the form to you for your files. If more detailed information is needed, please contact the Supreme Court Clerk's Office at (609) 984-3078. For questions about payment, please call the New Jersey Lawyers' Fund at 855-533-FUND (3863).

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