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Disciplinary Histories

You may determine whether a New Jersey attorney has been disciplined from 1984 through the last full calendar year. To do so, you must be able to view documents in PDF format. PDF documents preserve the look and feel of the original print documents. To view PDF documents, you must install on your computer the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe Website at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html.

This file contains a listing of all public discipline beginning with the most current year shown and ending with the oldest year shown in that file. Within each year, all attorneys are listed alphabetically.

Once you have opened the above file, the easiest way to find an attorney's name is to select "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard (or go to the "Edit Menu" and select "Find") and then type in the full name of the attorney with or without punctuation. For example, for 2001, the name "Richard R. Thomas, III" should be typed in full with or without a period or comma. Once the name has been found, you may select "Ctrl + G" on your keyboard (or go to the "Edit Menu" and select "Find Again") to see if there are any additional disciplinary sanctions against the same attorney. When you have found the last listing for the attorney, you will receive a message that "no other" occurrences of that name have been found. If you type in a name that does not exist in the file, you will receive a message reporting "no occurrences" of anyone with that name.

If you do not know the full name of the attorney, you may use the "Find" feature with the last name only. However, if you use a common name, such as "Ross", you will have a more difficult time finding the attorney because "Ross" will also find any text, such as "gross" that contain the same letters. On the other hand, if the last name you are searching is somewhat unique (such as "Purzycki"), you will find the attorney quite easily.

For final public disciplinary histories prior to 1990, please call the Office of Attorney Ethics at (609) 530-4008. For pending disciplinary charges, please see the Public Charges page.


Some disciplined attorneys may share the same name. It is CRITICAL, therefore, that individuals using these disciplinary histories ensure that they have correctly identified the lawyer. The Office of Attorney Ethics is not responsible for any coincidence in names of disciplined attorneys and other non-disciplined attorneys as a result of individuals having the same or similar names.


The Office of Attorney Ethics Web Site is provided as a public service. Information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. The online summaries provided on this Web Site are not intended to be complete records of actions involving attorneys disciplined by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Inquirers should review the full text of any Supreme Court orders or opinions. Further case information can be obtained only from the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court (at 609 984-7791).

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