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Amendments to Rule 1:19-1 - Term Limit for Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics


It is ORDERED that the attached amendments to Rule 1:19-1 of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey are adopted effective immediately.

For the Court,
Deborah T. Poritz
Chief Justice
Dated: November 7, 2005

1:19-1. Appointment and Organization

The Supreme Court shall appoint an Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics consisting of fifteen members of the bar and three lay members. Members shall serve for terms of three years with the terms of six such members expiring each year. No member who has served four full three-year terms shall be eligible for immediate reappointment. A vacancy occurring during a term shall be filled for the unexpired portion thereof. The Court shall annually designate a member of the committee to serve as Chairperson and another member to serve as Vice Chairperson. The Administrative Director of the Courts shall serve as secretary of the committee.

Note: Source-R.R. 1:26A(a). Amended June 29, 1990 to be effective September 4, 1990; amended November 7, 2005 to be effective immediately.

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