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Tobacco Litigation Reassignment

It is hereby ORDERED that the Courtís October 14, 1997 Order, regarding the centralized case management of all pending and future tobacco litigation, which Order was terminated in part by the Courtís February 28, 2002 Order, is amended as follows: (1) the matters are reassigned to Judge Bryan D. Garruto from Judge Marina Corodemus as of Judge Corodemusí October 1, 2004 disability retirement date; thus all references to Judge Corodemus in the October 14, 1997 and February 28, 2002 Orders shall now be to Judge Garruto, and (2) no Special Master may be appointed in this litigation without the express approval of the Chief Justice.

The provisions of this Order are effective immediately and until further Order of the Court.

For the Court
Deborah T. Poritz
Chief Justice
Dated: October 1, 2004

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