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Directive #11-04 - Child Support Obligee Address Change Procedures

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Directive #11-04

To: Assignment Judges Trial Court Administrators

From: Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D.

Subj: Child Support Obligee Address Change Procedures

Date: September 22, 2004

The attached protocol establishes the procedures to be utilized for child support obligee address changes. This Administrative Council recommended this protocol for adoption as part of the Judiciary's Child Support Standardization and Best Practices Initiative. The procedures are effective immediately and are intended to ensure the accuracy and integrity of obligee address changes entered into the Automated Child Support Enforcement System (ACSES) and to increase internal controls. The procedures will minimize the potential for misdirection of funds to anyone other than the obligee for whom they are intended.

These procedures require that clients produce proof of identification prior to an address change being made in ACSES. Clients should be assured that, in this era of identity theft, these measures are in fact intended to protect their interests and should not prove overly burdensome.

As part of the implementation of these procedures, each Vicinage shall limit the number of Probation Child Support Enforcement (PCSE) staff who may enter address changes. Staff given this responsibility must not have case management responsibilities. ACSES has been modified to create a separate security profile for staff entering obligee address changes. The responsible child support enforcement staff within each Vicinage should notify Probation Child Support Enforcement Services in the AOC, in writing, of the names and logon identifiers of the staff who will be assigned the new address change security profile. Those listings should be sent no later than October 22, 2004 to the attention of Jeff Rizzi, Technology Unit Supervisor, AOC Child Support Enforcement Services, P.O. Box 976, Trenton, NJ 08625-0976. The vicinage must update these listings in writing whenever there is a change in the identity of the staff members handling this function.

Implementation of these new procedures will be complemented by two new transaction-level ACSES reports: (1) a daily report of all address changes, and (2) a monthly report comparing address changes between cases. These new ACSES reports will increase the effectiveness of supervisory review of all address changes.

Questions concerning this directive may be directed either to the Mary DeLeo, Assistant Director for Probation Services at (609) 984-5022, or to Richard Narcini, Chief, Child Support Enforcement Services at (609) 633-2390.


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