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Additional Correction to Amendments to Rule 1:40-12 as Adopted by the Supreme Court's July 28, 2004 Order

This supplements the Notice to the Bar dated August 10, 2004 listing various corrections to certain of the amendments to the New Jersey Rules of Court that the Supreme Court adopted by order of July 28, 2004, which amendments become effective September 1, 2004. That Notice included a correction to the source note for the amendments to Rule 1:40-12 ("Qualification and Training Requirements of Court Mediators and Arbitrators"). As a further correction to the amendments to Rule 1:40-12, the word "biannual" in new subparagraph (c)(2) ("Arbitration Course Content - Continuing Training") should be corrected to read "biennial".

Richard J. Williams, J.A.D. Administrative Director of the Courts Dated: August 17, 2004

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