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Processing of Appeals in Sexually Violent Predator Act Cases

To ensure the expeditious processing and disposition of appeals to the Appellate Division that may result from civil commitment under the New Jersey Sexually Violent Predator Act (N.J.S.A. 30:4-27.24, etseq.), it is ORDERED that Rules 2:6-11(a), 2:11-1 and 2:11-3(a) are relaxed so as to permit, in the discretion of the Appellate Division, such appeals, in which the only issues on appeal are weight of the evidence, burden of proof and right to jury trial, to be disposed of without briefs, by order, and on the basis of oral argument, which shall be sound recorded.

The provisions of this order are effective immediately and shall continue until further order of the Court.

For the Court
Deborah T. Poritz
Dated: March 17, 2004

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