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It is ORDERED that the Order dated July 22, 1999 designating as Communications Data Warrant Judges those Superior Court judges authorized to receive applications for and issue communications data warrants and communications information orders, which Order has been amended by Orders dated March 29, 2000; August 15, 2000; July 5, 2001; August 16, 2002; September 6, 2002; February 5, 2003; and June 11, 2003, is further amended so as to designate Superior Court Judge Donald J. Volkert, Jr., as a Communications Data Warrant Judges for Essex County, replacing Superior Court Judge Harold W. Fullilove in that capacity.

The provisions of this amendatory order will be effective September 1, 2003 and until further order.

Deborah T. Poritz
Chief Justice
Dated: July 23, 2003

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