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Supreme Court Ad Hoc Committee on Skills and Methods

The Supreme Court has appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to review the present Skills and Methods program. The Court has asked the Committee to consider: (1) the strengths and weaknesses of the current Skills and Methods course; (2) modifications to improve the program, including whether to recommend "course tracks" that would enable attorneys to focus on specific areas and whether to recommend alterations to the requirements for lawyers who have practiced in other jurisdictions; (3) means to develop law office management skills for newly-admitted lawyers practicing solo or in small firms; (4) means to implement modern technology in the program; (5) the costs associated with whatever recommendations the Committee makes; and (6) whether the program should continue to be offered by a single provider.

The Committee invites all members of the bar to submit comments and suggestions about the program. The Committee welcomes the comments of lawyers who are taking or who have recently completed the program and also hopes to hear from lawyers whose experiences might offer insights about the programís long-range effects.

Comments may be forwarded by letter or e-mail to:

Keith Endo, Esq.
Counsel to the Ad Hoc Committee on Skills and Methods
Hughes Justice Complex
P.O. Box 970
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
E-mail address:

The Committee hopes to complete its review some time in 2004.

Stephen W. Townsend, Esquire
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Dated: June 16, 2003

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