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It is ORDERED that for the period from June 9 through September 7, 2003, the following schedule and parts shall be in effect in the Superior Court, Appellate Division. Time and place of any hearing shall be fixed by the presiding judge of the part sitting. A third judge will be available for each part as needed.

Session 1 June 9 - June 22

Part I - Hon. James J. Petrella, Presiding
Hon. Dorothea O’C. Wefing

Part J - Hon. James M. Havey, Presiding
Hon. Erminie L. Conley

Part K - Hon. Edwin H. Stern, Presiding
Hon. John E. Wallace, Jr.

Session 2 June 23 - July 6

Part L - Hon. Naomi G. Eichen, Presiding
Hon. Mary Catherine Cuff

Part M - Hon. Donald S. Coburn, Presiding
Hon. Steven L. Lefelt

Part N - Hon. Harvey Weissbard, Presiding
Hon. Anthony J. Parrillo

Session 3 July 7 - July 20

Part O - Hon. Sylvia B. Pressler, Presiding
Hon. Michael P. King

Part P - Hon. Stephen Skillman, Presiding
Hon. Jose L. Fuentes

Part Q - Hon. Francine I. Axelrad, Presiding
Hon. Joseph F. Lisa

Session 4 July 21 - August 3

Part R - Hon. Jack L. Lintner, Presiding
Hon. Helen E. Hoens

Part S - Hon. Lorraine C. Parker, Presiding
Hon. Edith K. Payne

Session 5 August 4 - August 17

Part T - Hon. Richard Newman, Presiding
Hon. Robert A. Fall

Part U - Hon. Barbara Byrd Wecker, Presiding
Hon. Michael Winkelstein

Session 6 August 18 - August 31

Part V - Hon. Dennis J. Braithwaite, Presiding
Hon. James J. Ciancia

Part W - Hon. Harold B. Wells, III, Presiding
Hon. Edwin R. Alley

Session 7 August 25 - September 7

Part X - Hon. Howard H. Kestin, Presiding
Hon. Donald G. Collester, Jr.

Part Y - Hon. Ariel A. Rodríguez, Presiding
Hon. Philip S. Carchman

Dated: April 7, 2003

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