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Certified Municipal Court Administrators

The candidates whose names appear on the attached listing having applied to be certified as a Municipal Court Administrator and having been examined as provided for by law;

And the Municipal Court Administrator Certification Board having found these candidates to be fully qualified and having recommended to the Supreme Court that each be certified as a Municipal Court Administrator pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2B:12-11 and the interim procedures approved by this Court on June 4, 1996;

It is ORDERED that each of these candidates is hereby declared to be a Certified Municipal Court Administrator and is further authorized to be so designated and use the title C.M.C.A. during good behavior, before the public and the courts of this State in accordance with law and the Rules of Court.

For the Court

/s/ Deborah T. Poritz

C.J. Dated: November 5, 2001



November 5, 2001

Municipal Court Administrator Certification Candidates

Geraldine M. Badger North Plainfield Somerset
Laura A. Cahill Highland Park Middlesex
Irene S. Garramone Mt. Ephraim Camden
Kathleen L. Harrington Collingswood Camden
Catherine Lawson Haddon Heights Camden
Patricia M. Mathis Tuckerton Ocean
Deborah A. O'Brien Little Egg Harbor Ocean
Cheryl A. Spano Voorhees Township Camden
Wendy L. Seitz Berlin Boro Camden
Terri L. Turner Sea Bright Monmouth
Elaine Vitellaro Township of Hanover Morris
Elizabeth L. Woit Island Heights Ocean
Brendis Montijo-Wrigley Municipal Division Management Bergen

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