Application of Philadelphia Bar Association for Permission to Establish an Office to be Shared by Attorneys Licensed to Practice Law in New Jersey

The Philadelphia Bar Association (PBA) filed a petition with the Committee on Attorney Advertising (CAA) seeking an advisory opinionon PBA's proposal to establish an office in New Jersey that would be shared by members of the Asssociation who were licensed to practice law in this State. In October 1999, the CAA concluded that it did not have jurisdiction to act on the proposal. PBA sought review from the Supreme Court and, on June 26, 2000, the Court remanded the matter to the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics (ACPE) to develop a record and make recommendations in respect of PBA's proposal.

The ACPE has filed its report and recommendations with the Court. In turn, the Court has directed that the ACPE's report be published for comment. Those wishing to file comments are to file them with me, in writing, at the following address:

Clerk of the Supreme Court
Hughes Justice Complex
POB 970
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0970

The deadline for submission of comments is January 2, 2002.

Stephen W. Townsend, Esq.
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Dated: October 23, 2001

Notices to the Bar