Extension of Comment Period
Proposed Rule Amendments Recommended by the
Municipal Court Practice Committee -- Service of Process

By Notice to the Bar dated July 30, 2001 (published in the August 13, 2001 issues of the New Jersey Law Journal and New Jersey Lawyer), the Municipal Court Practice Committee’s proposed amendments to Rules 7:2-3, 7:2-4, and 7:2-5 of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey were published for comment. As noted in that initial Notice to the Bar, the proposed amendments relate to service of process in those Municipal Court matters in which service of process is by mail, e.g., private citizen complaints, code enforcement matters. The Committee had asked that these proposed amendments be considered and acted on outside the regular two-year rules cycle.

That initial Notice set Friday, September 21, 2001 as the closing date for comments on the Practice Committee’s proposed amendments. This notice is to advise that the comment period has been extended through Monday, October 22, 2001. All comments should be sent to Hon. Richard J. Williams, Administrative Director of the Courts, R.J. Hughes Justice Complex, P.O. Box 037, Trenton, NJ 08625-0037. Comments on the proposed amendments also may be submitted via Internet e-mail to the following address: All comments must include the author’s name and address or e-mail address.

Comments submitted in response to this notice will be maintained in confidence if the author specifically requests confidentiality; in the absence of such a request, the author’s identity and comments may be subject to public disclosure.

Richard J. Williams, J.A.D.
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: September 21, 2001

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