Rule Amendments Affecting Tenancy Actions
Effective November 1, 2001

In Community Realty Management, Inc. v. Harris, 155 N.J. 212 (1998), the Supreme Court asked the Special Civil Part Practice Committee to develop rule amendments regarding landlord/tenant actions, together with a set of instructions to be given to litigants by the judge presiding at the landlord/tenant calendar call. Published herewith is the Supreme Courtís July 18, 2001 order adopting the rule amendments and new appendices, which will become effective on November 1, 2001. It is also being posted in both readable and downloadable format on the Judiciaryís website at

These rule amendments and new appendices require, among other things, that the instructions set forth in new Appendix XI-S be served with the summons, that the instructions be given in person by the judge at the calendar call, that the instructions be given in Spanish via videotape in counties with a significant Spanish-speaking population, that the landlord and the landlordís attorney certify the legality of the fees and charges claimed as rent before entry of a default or consent judgment for possession, that all consent judgments must be reviewed by a judge, and that applications to enforce consent judgments must be on notice to the other party. The new appendices to the rules include the text of the instructions, model forms for the certifications of the landlord and landlordís attorney, and model forms for consents to enter judgments.

Richard J. Williams
Richard J. Williams, J.A.D.
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: August 6, 2001

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