The New Jersey Lawyers' Fund For Client Protection declares that the following attorneys, having fully satisfied the requirements of R.1:28:2 and R.l:20-1, are eligible to practice law in New Jersey insofar as they comply with R.l:21-1(a) and their names are hereby removed from the order of the New Jersey Supreme Court dated September 14, 2000.

Alvarez, Nicole S. ‘93 Brg
Aziz, Maisha L. ‘98 Cam
Badiani, Purvi ‘98 O/S
Bageac, Christine R. ‘98 Brg
Barillari, William J. ‘91 Mon
Barreira, Elizabeth P. ‘96 Som
Barufka, Jack Solomon ‘92 O/S
Barzilai, Laura ‘95 O/S
Bell, Colin Frazier ‘94 Som
Bernstein, Darren E. ‘96 O/S
Bloodsaw, Tracey A. ‘97 O/S
Bradley, Patricia Lea ‘96 Som
Braine, Robert Joseph ‘96 O/S
Brown, Michael Joseph ‘90 Cam
Bush, Donald Duane ‘75 O/S
Camargo-Pohn, Susana I. ‘99 Esx
Carson, Michael E. ‘98 O/S
Cartwright, Dawn M. ‘91 O/S
Chan, Albert Wai-Kit ‘92 O/S
Cobb, Raymond W. ‘83 Cam
Conway, Danielle Monique ‘92 O/S
Costigan, Dennis Patrick ‘91 O/S
Curtin, Teresa A. ‘89 O/S
Cusimano, John Michael ‘94 O/S
Donohue, Jennifer Lara ‘97 Brl
Dowis, Lenore ‘88 O/S
Edley, Henry Derek ‘78 Hds
Feit, Michael Scott ‘86 O/S
Ferris, Tina E. ‘95 Cam
Ford, Howard Glenn ‘92 Cam
Geary, Raymond Charles ‘93 O/S
Gennaro, Lawrence ‘89 O/S
Gilman, Curtis Paul ‘94 O/S
Guardino, Anthony S. ‘91 O/S
Gurland, James Mortge ‘94 Esx
Hale, Timothy Bickett ‘95 Mor
Hediger, Daniel David ‘95 Brg
Heyman, Amy Rebecca ‘88 O/S
Hyman, Marc Scott ‘95 Hds
Jean, Lissa ‘93 Esx
Jenkins, Jason Anthony ‘97 O/S
Kehner, Alison Donahue ‘98 O/S
Kelman, Lane Foster ‘95 O/S
Kessler, Debra L. ‘95 O/S
Kleinman, Howard M. ‘89 O/S
LaFond, Willam Thomas ‘99 Hds
Laffey, Jeffrey F. ‘99 Cam
Langone, Christopher V. ‘96 O/S
Lawrence, Tanya E. ‘98 Esx
Lederer, Gerard Lavery ‘84 O/S
Magee, Michael C. ‘89 Esx
Mayora, Margaret ‘97 O/S
McCormack, Sarah J. ‘86 O/S
McGahan, James Michael ‘88 O/S
McKillion-Salamone, Maryellen ‘92 Esx
Miranda-Mazzucca, Isabel ‘89 Unn
Morell, Philip Mark ‘88 O/S
Moses, Brenda ‘93 O/S
Mulcahy, Matthew ‘96 Mor
Nangia, Anshu ‘98 O/S
O’Brien, Patrice Smith ‘91 Brl
Orr, James Edward ‘95 Wrn
Oxman, Michael Adam ‘90 O/S
Pacheco, Kathleen M. ‘94 Mor
Pak, Song Ah ‘99 O/S
Payton, Ben Warren ‘92 Mdl
Petrocelli, Marta Baez ‘91 Brg
Renner, Paul Clasen ‘96 Esx
Rodrigues, Maurice David ‘99 O/S
Rosenberg, Frederick W. ‘94 Esx
Russell, Ronald E. ‘90 O/S
Russell, William M. ‘82 Esx
Seafer, Mindi Debra ‘94 O/S
Sensale, Sheryl Lynne ‘92 O/S
Shulan, Bruce Charles ‘86 Som
Skor, Anita B. ‘93 O/S
Stevens, Carol Scott ‘89 Mon
Stone, Michael Madden ‘96 O/S
Toll, Ann Tweedy ‘93 O/S
Travis, Marion E. ‘89 Cam
Wigness, Kristin Clyde ‘95 O/S
Warrick, Royce A. ‘86 Brl
Washuta, Robert ‘87 Mor

JULY 26, 2001

Notices to the Bar