This notice is to advise the Bar that the period for submitting written comments on the Report of the Committee of Special Civil Part Supervising Judges on Standardization of Operating Procedures and Best Practices has been extended from Monday, July 23, 2001 until Friday, August 24, 2001. That report, with the accompanying notice to the bar, was published in the June 25, 2001 editions of the legal newspapers, and also is posted on the Judiciaryís Internet website ( As noted in the initial notice to the bar, any comments on this report and the recommendations that it contains should be directed to the Honorable Richard J. Williams, Administrative Director of the Courts, Hughes Justice Complex, PO Box 037, Trenton, NJ 08625-0037. Also as earlier noted, comments may be submitted by e-mail to the following address: Comments must include the authorís name and address (or name and e-mail address).

Comments submitted in response to this notice will be maintained in confidence if the author specifically requests confidentiality; in the absence of such a request, the authorís identity and comments may be subject to public disclosure.

Richard J. Williams, J.A.D.
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: July 16, 2001

Notices to the Bar