Notice to the Bar

Revised Appellate Division Civil Case Information Statement
(Appendix VII to the Rules of Court)

Please be advised that, pursuant to Rule 2:5-1(f)(2), I have approved the attached revised version of the Appellate Division Civil Case Information Statement, which appears as Appendix VII to the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey. (Please note that the attached form is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.) This revised version supersedes the previous version effective as of the date of this notice.

The revisions are to the portion of the form inquiring as to whether the order from which appeal is being taken has been certified as final pursuant to Rule 4:42-2. See the two parentheticals in that section of the form. These revisions require appellant, when the order being appealed from is certified as final, to “attach, together with a copy of the order, a copy of the complaint or any other relevant pleadings and a brief explanation as to why the order qualified for certification pursuant to R. 4:42-2.”

/s/ Richard J. Williams

Richard J. Williams, J.A.D.
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated:February 15, 2001

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